The Velvet Tigris

by Citadel

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Chris Gomez
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Chris Gomez These are some local guys in my area. And I've given it all a listen, and I love it. These dudes are extremely talented. Check em out immediately
David Mehalko
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David Mehalko A truly stellar album by several friends of mine. It gets better with each listen. Favorite track: Through the Valley of Anvalin.
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"The Velvet Tigris" is the debut album from the Texas metal band Citadel


released December 21, 2012

Citadel consists of:
Bradey Bates – Lead Vocals
John Wesley – Guitars, Keys, Vocals
Michael Osborn – Drums, Vocals
Dallas McNeely – Guitars

Production and engineering by Sam Hunt at TxZam Studios
Additional female vocals on tracks 2, 7, 8 and 12 performed by Grace Phemister
Additional vocals on track 8 performed by Andrew Lawhon
Violin on track 9 performed by Jace Maupin, courtesy of Jacer Racer
All electric and upright bass performed by John Wesley
Foley and sound effects engineered by Sam Hunt and Citadel

Gang vocals and choir on tracks 3 and 12 performed by the following: Meegan Alexander, Bradey Bates, D’laina Boyce, Ethan Boyce, Ethan Cummings, Faye Fetters, Colton James, Dallas McNeely, Michael Osborn, John Wesley and Jon Wright.

All songs written and arranged by Citadel except: track 9 written and arranged by John Wesley
All lyrics written by Bradey Bates except: tracks 2, 3, and 12 written by Bradey Bates and John Wesley



all rights reserved


Citadel Mc Kinney, Texas

Born in McKinney, Texas, Bradey R. Bates (Vocals) and John Wesley (Guitar, Keys) along with Michael Osborn (Drums) and Dallas McNeely (Guitar) created the progressive metal act called Citadel. They have a full-length 12 track album set for digital release on December 21st, 2012. They have released "A River's Mist" on November 7th and "Elgorion's Division" on December 5th for free digital download. ... more

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Track Name: The Fealty
I have been called! I’ll make a name for my house while,
in this land, still stand for those just too weak.
Our kingdom folds in a shadow of an old enemy
and would be made to dust through the evil their minds bestow…
on those around us! We’ll fill their cups with death!

The towers fall in the end, oh will they! But my throne will always stand!

Bring the sheep to my home, for I have been summoned by thy king.
My obligations will hold true as my heart sinks into the silk frayed grass of Blunt-wood.

Oh my God! Deliver us!
The earth has opened, it has opened.
It will trap their feet.

Oh! How can you sleep?
Oh! How can you waste a day knowing what’s at hand?
Oh! How can you sleep young Anvalin?
My hand will be the weapon of our cause!
Track Name: A Veiled Accord
Oh! Behold my love, you are beautiful.
Like the willow tree, your hair flows in the morning wind,
and as the leaves of the trees rustle I hear your strong, sweet loving, sweet voice!

What is that coming from the West like columns of smoke?
Behold! It is the litter of the Conjurer!
My heels will fall upon the stony road and I will only think of you!
I will only think of you, only think of you.

The day I lifted the veil in your eyes, a violet shade glimmered in the light! I thought of the trails we walked. Oh! The air we shared! Through our lips, our lips so close!

Thy King has called upon my heart, to go out to the fields and fight for this land. The sun and moons ignite for your eyes by night and day.
When you see this, you know that I’ll out-live the seasons so you must run through the pines and grass laden hills. Head to the coast! Think of my love! As it radiates deeper than the rays of the sun, deeper than the rays of the sun.

“Oh my one, for everything there is a season, a time to plant, and a time for war.”

My shield will hold true like our love!
Blood will stain my skin, I may just fall!

“But with these words my beloved, venture out,
Proclaim our love with the blade of Anvalin!”

Radiates deeper than the rays of the sun!

So I will wrap you in my arms for one last embrace.
In the garden of our fathers so that they may hear the horn of resurrection as our lips hold true to one another.
Our love will endure, endure forever!
Track Name: Elgorion's Division
I fear the time has come for our swords to be stained.
Their eyes will strain to see us in glorious light!
Books written on our accounts, chapters upon chapters, to be made in our liking. The moons descend on the hills and we march!
We share hymns of a leader who bears the crown of Anvalin.
My soul goes with the wind. To the west, to the west! With hearts ablaze for our lord.

And like the rain, our might will send you to your knees, in total surrender. And like the rain, we will replenish this land!

Our flags in sight, I notice the creatures under the lake’s surface that can sense separation of blood from the body. A blue aura of the great moon reflects off our helms. In this state, I only think of my love!
The division comforts me, with confidence and strength to get back to you! To get back to you...

Our faith is strong. Glimmers of hope fill our eyes.
As we run with haste, our clanging of shields and plates of frost-mail ring in the night. The cold night!

Replenish this land!
Track Name: A River's Mist
"Through the trees I can see a menacing pattern of rippling blows to the bodies of our men. How I wish to see the enemy be daunted by our blades but they draw strength from a higher power. I look through and my heart is enchanted by the mountains that overlook our battle.
God! Bring the mass of rock to the heads of my foes so that they may feel your wrath and not ours and let my life stand in the way of their crossing of the river!"

As we march towards the river, I can see the faces of the enemy!
They lick their lips, taunting us with raiment of gold and Bloodphire!
Spoils of war! If we can but manage a victory!

At the first contact of blades my mind feeds into a dark realm…

In the midst of battle, the grass fades into the darkness that spills from the wounds around me! I hear the voices of dragons and the squirming of the maggots.

The voices of dragons and squirming of the maggots, Oh! The crawling, biting, worms! “Feed us!” they say!

Whispers and tormenting screams fill my ears.
So, are they the orders of a man, or of a creature?
I can make it to the cave to reach my haven of solitude.
How I’ve betrayed them! How I’ve betrayed them!

Would I be called a “survivor?” Behind the lines is where my eyes now tread!

The whispers draw me closer to the haven of this purging evil.
My hands tremble uncontrollably and thoughtlessly. I keep walking.

Somehow my heart feels an adventure…
My eyes can catch no sign the light of day.
Echoes of growling and yelling over the sound of the river,
I can see a figure within the caves entrance…
No eyes, but horns like a goat! In the random columns of light,
I can see the Glimmer of an ancient horror.
A stonewashed cloak, cover all but the darkness where its eyes should be.

(Would I be called a “survivor?” Behind the enemy lines is where my eyes now tread!) Is my heart beating? Faster and faster or is that his tongue crawling along his teeth? Fear him I will not! Fear him I will not! My hands are shaking but I will not fear him!

At one length of his arm I can feel the tearing at my waist! Hast thou brought me mercy? I have smitten thee but your weakness is almost questionable! Why must you have your last breath here? Do you see it fit that I be cursed by your fall? Your screams are as a swine!
“You have chosen death and you will reap what I sew into your hand…”
Track Name: Bloodphire Caverns
I awoke to find the lore, the blade of a conjurer.
No remains were left of him. No sight of a body lay.
I’ve aimlessly slid through this cave for days.

I can see a glow from the end of the hall of stone!
Walls, illuminated by a floating orb of sparks.
Above the massive curled structure in the center of an endless opening. Oh! Horror! The limbs of the forsaken pinned upon the rods in the lake of blood!

I’ve not seen beauty of Saddphire; sustained and made new by the life that once ran through so many veins.
Oh! Don’t look at them! They have faces! They’re dead faces!

Oh! It won’t let go! The strands have wrapped around my hand!

In a nightmare, the blade shares superior resemblance
to the evil mix of blood and Saddphire, could I have found the forgery?

Why I did not see a curse? The seduction!
I have fallen prey to a device in a closed off place.

The velvet braids along the rough handle stream in the air
(Out! I run out!) I run back to the fields for days!

Can you hear my heart beat! Can you hear it?
I can hear my heart beat, I can hear it!
Track Name: The Fields Were Rotting
All in these fields, here lay the piles! All of the piles be friend and foe!

I am not in distress for my fellow fallen,
for they have made their mark in history.
A mighty trend for the wars to come in this land.

I had run to the fields for days, out of hell.
I found myself a mile from the river.

The aroma will be forever present in these fields,
For the monument of death stands as a reminder.

The fire-moths that occupy the land become ever present in dusk and illuminate the rotting.

The moons harken nocturnal beasts to speak.

I run from their spirits chasing me in the night…
They seek answers for my absence!

Leave me be! Cross over into the Light!
Track Name: The Tiger's Bane
Shut your ears!

Shut your ears! The tiger’s bane is calling!
Shield your face! The wizard’s tower is falling!
Out of mind and out of body, your soul will churn,
in a vile, in a vile… Twist!

Look at your reflection; you can watch your lips proclaim soft lies!
Seek the lost scrolls that will overturn the conjurer himself!
For even he knows the realm of light will one day overtake this land!

Take a long glance at your new face
Embrace the creatures we’ve grown to hate
Take a long glance at your new face, embrace the creatures!

You’ve seen the enemy’s dwelling. You’ve caught the stench of ill arts.

Oh, trust me my child!
His words can only stain the flesh!

Fly with grace and release! Release!
(Please let go! Please let go!)
Track Name: Road to Pushstone Island
Learning to keep my path straight, I’ve reached the hilly lands of my kingdom. The sight of the Citadel of Anvalin hinders my attention!

The Tigris glimmers and I can’t part with it.
When I hold it, the color of the sky changes.
I miss the woodland mage I’ve parted with and
The birds spray across the sky when I sing.

Behind me, there is a wall of hatred that consumes!
It's crossing the river moving quickly through the trees!

Retribution is my calling.
I walk with my eyes and not my feet.
I strain to hear the words of wisdom,
calling out to me through the howling of the wind.

When I sing, the branches of the trees shake,
I’ll find no comfort in song
My mind is a temple for the temptress.
My soul is the bed she lay on
Invited by a cold surge of time.

“I’ve caught your wandering eye
You seem to think she’s dead.
I’ve seen her pass through the shadow
So stay with me instead.”

The sky is red! The sky is red! Blood overtakes all color! The sky is red!
Track Name: Under Leaves of Amber

John Wesley - Piano and Upright Bass
Jace Maupin - Violin
Sam Hunt - Foley effects
Track Name: Through the Valley of Anvalin
Misty gatherings of rounded steam linger above the peaks in the distance, burrowing animals run from the sound of my footsteps and a golden atmosphere of light makes its way through the valley as the sun sets. At this distance, the crashing waves sound like the whistling of the wind through the branches of the autumn bringers.
I am written into the canvas.

Take it, I don’t want it! Make room for my soul. My walls will be crushed to make room.

Stop my speed, recover my mind! Won’t a place like this tear me down? Won’t a place like this tear me down into ashes of my new self?

This makes me jealous of all the trees; they are spoken to stay rooted to the ground in a place, a place of endless beauty!
They’ve been here way too long to become part of the landscape and their offspring; they float away over the hills.
If I can catch those seeds with my hand, the Tigris will become engulfed in a capsule to be taken; taken away from here.

Dance on my soul oh God!
Oh Light, dance on my soul!
I’m trying God, my hands are tied.
Take me in, pull me!
Light! Where are you?! Come back!
Track Name: Serpent Coast
One head will be wrapped in sand tonight!
You bring my being into the light.
The true me that expels only hatred towards all who oppose me!

The instrumental clatter of our blades reunite thoughts of a blacksmith age. The thin light reflecting from your sword melts the sand into jagged green films. Once we were so young, but it was so long ago!
All there is with maturity is bloodshed, spill it along the coast.

I want you dead because you love me! I want you dead because you know me!

The snakes travel far to reject the sound that we produce.
We speak in words too harsh for their entertainment.
Your face is absent and your struggle is held by the goblet of my fortune!

I need you dead because you love me! I need you to die on my behalf!
I know you love me, and now I care! I truly care!

The eyes of a wife have stopped my rage, the beauty of the land testifies against this curse. Without words she speaks to my soul. You called me and the demons fled. Oh love, your face has saved me!

From the day you called, the demons did expel, screaming terror into hell itself!

The day I lifted the veil in your eyes, a violet shade glimmered in the light!
Track Name: Emerald Sands
The roar, the roar! Melts the color from the world!
A chord, a chord from the depths of my throat!
We seek the end but it comes too far from our reach!
We function as a body and our hearts follow the wise ones of the light.

Face-down upon the rough emerald sands!
With our eyes closed!
Face-down along the rough emerald sands!
We give Him praise!

The way of life is through His name, we sing to Elohim!

If only the sea knew what it held above!
It clings to this island so green and rough!
But what is this unfolding from the trees?
Could it be the giants of old? Holding peace for the land in a silver chest!

We see Him raised now, lifted in the air as his hair straightens with the rays of light, He becomes one with truth and beauty!
Catch me for my knees are weak! Embrace me in this confusion!

We will see a choir of angels as we sing of endless love.